Barefoot Writing by Jane Chevous

Welcome to Barefoot Tales, my writing home.

I write to open opportunities for change where our world is oppressed, damaged, suffering, silenced. I write to amplify the voices that are ignored and marginalised. I write to seek truth, justice and love. I call this barefoot writing.

Barefoot writing to me is the telling of tales that have a flow and rhythm we find in nature. Tales that arise from and speak into our world, stories, myths, fables, narratives, verse, songs, and pictures.

I write about the people, places, problems and joys of this world that I am passionate about.

I write fiction, poetry, non-fiction, research narratives, educational materials and developmental tools. It’s all barefoot writing because it rises from passion and heart. I do writing with shoes on too, writing is a craft that we never finish learning, and the tools of the craft are like shoes that help you across stony ground.

Sometimes I write with dancing shoes. Writing should be fun and lift our spirits, lead us tapping and twirling through our day. Sometimes I write with boots on. Strong boots that stamp on injustice. Clumsy boots, putting both my feet in it.

Find my writing and writing services on these pages. If it speaks to you at all, please let me know. Get in touch for writing services, courses and resources.