Mara – reporting blog #4 #metoo #churchtoo

The continuing story of reporting abuse and rape to the church and police. Shared in order to support survivors who wish to report and to support good practice by those whose job it is to respond, within a truth and restoration perspective. #Trigger warning# I will never share details of my abuse, but mentioning what


Pain #metoo #churchtoo

In the abuse survivor peer group I belong to, we often discuss emotional suffering – “how much you hurt as a human being” (Shniedman 1996). We experience it as deep and contemporaneous, even when the trauma is not recent. At times we characterise it as despairing, dissociative, represented by Van Gogh’s image, Sorrowing old man

Therapy in seclusion

Some thoughts on the experience and practice of geographically ‘secluded’ therapy. Research into online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – in terms of measured outcomes – suggests it can be at least as effective as face to face therapy (Lewis et al. 2018). But is that true for all kinds of psychotherapy? And in what ways


To celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to share a poem I wrote to celebrate the resilience, capacity, creativity, wildness, and wisdom of women. Especially those of us who have faced abuse, oppression, violence, loss and trauma. Who have survived, overcome, risen, transcended. Who refuse to be caged, crushed, condemned, tainted or tamed. I was